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Good morning J!

My hand still smells like garlic. Just thought I'd share.

Last week, I lamented how our hazelnuts are duds. Perhaps something about boy and girl trees? I need to do more research. I had picked out some hazelnut recipes in anticipation of our first hazelnuts. I was so disappointed. Then N mentioned Safeway has them in bulk. We were both very skeptical. But he was right.  Now I am happy I have the chance to try a recipe. I like hazelnuts, a lot.

A multi-sub-recipes recipe - a bruschetta like small plate from L.A.'s Osteria Mozza in the September 2011 Bon Appétit. (I can't seem to find the recipe on epicurious.) It consists of hazelnut paste, goat ricotta, or fresh 'ricotta' cheese, garlic confit, vinaigrette  (which turned out to be more an aioli), and crostini.

my plate, what is everyone else having?

In the morning, I made the fresh cheese.  The instruction calls for putting the milk, cream, salt and lemon juice in the pot and bring it just to a boil.  I had to make special effort not to stir. Do not disturb. Wait, then wait some more, then drain, then wait some more. G tasted it, made a face, and said "it tastes like warm cheese." Ominous start. Here is to hoping the sum of all the parts is better than the individual recipes.

In the afternoon, after All The Canning, I enlisted G to peel two heads of garlic. I looked up from my task of grounding the hazelnuts into a paste and noticed he had the faucet running, puddle of water on the cutting board, generally making a very large mess. "What are you doing?" "The peel is sticking to my hands." He was trying to wash the peel off the garlic clove, then rinsing his hands, after every one. Hmm. Yea. I took the task back and finished peeling all the cloves, then slowly simmer the garlic. Wait, wait some more, wait ...

After the confit cooled, I blended some of the garlic with lemon juice and made the aioli. Then brushed the bread with the garlic infused olive oil. G quickly grilled them. A quick assembly of hazelnut paste, fresh cheese, drizzle of aoili, then sprinkled with chopped toasted hazelnuts and lemon zest. I think, everyone agreed, the sum of the parts was pretty good. Phew.

The next couple of recipes are by products of the canning sessions. A few slices of peaches that didn't fit neatly into the jars turned into quick fresh peach salsa with this very simple recipe. Thanks for bringing chips! It was easy and tasty. The salsa was more successful then this blackberry shrub, made with blackberry vinegar simmered with sugar, topped off with bubble water and ice.


I followed a raspberry shrub recipe in one of Linda Ziedrich's books. The syrup smelled good, but we found it was lack luster. Here is that two ingredients issue again. After much discussion, we agree that an herb will definitely help. Oh, look here, a blackberry shrub with rosemary recipe.

zesty peach sauced

G grilled corn and two buckets of wings. One with a zesty peach sauce recipe and one with G's rubTM. I forgot to ask him to brush the peach sauce on the wings in the last few minutes to caramelize the sauce. Bummer. He pulled out a variety of bottled wings sauce for the plain bucket. The corn was very good. He soaked them in salt water for a few hours, grilled them on the top rack for about 30 minutes. He pointed out how we ate our corn differently - by column, row, or random. Wild.

tension, waiting for someone to play a merger tile

After the small plates dinner, we played G's favorite game. Seems like everyone had someone else'a merger tile. No one was going to make the move to break the jam. It turned out to be a close game.We finished the evening with a round of Bohnanza. I managed to have a six golds game. Go reverse me. I just order a new-to-us game. I am optimistic the crowd will like it and vote it in rotation. We need some variety.

After you & N left and I was unwinding with an ice-pack, G "if it was up to me, we would just have hot dogs and hamburgers." Our next menu!

P.S. Toast + fresh cheese + drizzle of honey for breakfast is divine.


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