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Peachy Keen

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Our summer has started late, in typical Seattle fashion. Energy has been low -- I think we used it up on all our canning!

One of my favorite quick and refreshing meals is tacos. Make some protein, chop a lot of fresh vegetables, and wrap in a tortilla. Easy, tasty, cool & crisp - perfect for a warm August evening. Added bonus? An excuse to serve some of the peach salsa I canned earlier that week!

peach salsa
peach salsa

N picked up a pork loin for salsa verde carnitas. He made in a cast iron dutch oven in the Big Green Egg, using indirect heat. First it braised in salsa verde, onion, and other spices.


Once it cooks down, the temperature is kicked up and the meat is browned and crisped up so that you get wonderful browned bits along with spicy soft pulled pork.

carnitas, getting crust
making the crust

While the meat was braising, N also made his special pico de gallo. He dices a blend of hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes, and onions and tosses them with salt, lime juice and cilantro. It's simple but delicious.

burrito for jess!

I tried my hand at making a cilantro rice (see the top comment) similar to what they serve at Chipotle. It wasn't quite right -- I think the soybean oil they use must make a huge difference.

Weeks ago when we were talking about the 2040 pounds of peaches we were receiving, N requested a peach cobbler. I acquiesced since he seldom requests sweets. However, while I was doing recipe research, N started describing what he wanted and it sounded like a crisp or a crumble, not a cobbler! I know, the terms are all sorts of confusing!

crisp filling
peach filling

I finally asked two questions: do you want the peaches on the top or the bottom? (bottom) Do you want a crispy top or a more biscuit-like top? (crispy)

I used Orangette's plum crumble recipe, substituting peaches for the plums. I almost did not include the ginger, but I really like the blend of peach and ginger, so I left it in.

peach crisp
peach crisp

Of course, N didn't expect the ginger and it threw him for a loop when he took his first bite! I think ginger almost ruined the dish for him. Ack! I guess I should have warned him.

I really loved how the crisp topping came out -- you blend flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and cinnamon, then add a well-beaten egg to it. It makes loose chunks of dough, which you use to top the fruit. Then you spoon melted butter over it and bake. It gets deliciously crunchy and textured. I will be using this crisp topping again. I would use a little less cinnamon overall next time.

peach crisp
peach crisp

We finished off the warm evening of full bellies by playing with the card shuffler and two card-based games, Uno and Bohnanza (BGG). You kicked butt in Uno and won the game after 17 matches! It was a close game.

After a poor start, I had a couple of solid Bohnanza games. I seem to do better in Bohnanza when I plant Coffee Beans, though I'm not sure why! Maybe next weekend we can finally try Agricola (Bohnanza and Argicola were designed by the same fellow). I hope! I am ready for a new game.

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  1. I have to agree that I’ve spent All My Energy (Time) canning. Partly due to the fact it is new-to-me, learning lots. Plus G is partial to berries and pickled vegetables, he even likes my trial refrigerator pickles.

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