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Community Dinner

Good evening!

This time around, we had family in town -- two more adults and a kid! You contributed to the meal at the bookends -- drink, appetizer, and dessert. Yum!

After a bit of a problem with the pitcher for the sangria, you adjusted it to taste and we all had a bit to relax... I could use some sangria right now, as a matter of fact.

We started noshing on your gravlax, which was delicious. I am happy to know that it was easier to slice semi-frozen and it tasted as good out of the freezer as fresh cured (oxymoron?)! I am going to make some soon, I swear.


For dinner, N made pork ribs (for K) and beef brisket (for his brother E). He changed up the brisket preparation and injected it with a mixture of beef broth and butter -- the butter in part because he accidentally trimmed off more of the fat than he meant to! It turned out well, I thought.

The ribs were a usual N special. He used apple wood from your + G's tree to smoke them!


I was in charge of the cabbage slaw and N requested that I add jicama. I amazingly managed not to stab myself with the knife while julienning it. That success was tempered with me completely messed up the slaw dressing such that it ended up less punchy than I wanted. I forgot that I normally add both apple cider vinegar and a touch of plain ol' white vinegar to the dressing. That probably would have brightened it up a bit. I may try adding buttermilk next time around but we tend to go for a more vinegary than creamy dressing. I do like using both caraway and fennel seed in the dressing.


I also threw together a super quick salad with a bunch of the vegetables in the house -- corn from the farm share, pear tomatoes, an avocado, lime juice, and tossed with a bit of cotija. It was nothing special.

I also fixed my cornbread by buying fresh baking powder. That was my only change. It rose quite a lot and I liked it much better than the last few times I've made it (though a little sweet; I will cut back the sugar next time). The texture was what I wanted.

Finally for dessert, you brought something specifically targeted to my niece N: strawberry shortcake!

strawberry shortcake

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that N and E broke into the leftovers the following morning for breakfast. Strawberry shortcake for breakfast? Yes, please! They have both requested the biscuit recipe -- I believe you said it was this recipe at epicurious.


We finished the night with a few rounds of Uno and you won! Success!

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