tasty nom nom an exception to the daily meal


Forecast – sunny and warm

Hi J -

When I saw the forecast for Saturday was  going to be sunny and 79°F, I planned a grilled meat and no-cook-inside meal.

I had an English cucumber (I had forgotten what I bought it for, oops) and Someone bought a very large watermelon last week. What to do? add some minty simple syrup, lots of lime juice, 1800 Silver & Tarantula Azul (your tequila choice!), and we have watermelon and cucumber margarita recipe.

Watermelon, cucumber, mint, lime by @edapita -- tasty!Hi pretty mint leaf!

Sad for G, we do not have an endless margarita machine.

Next up was a small starter of  a gazpacho variant, salmorejo recipe. I made it the night before so the flavors have more time to mingle. I added a couple of anchovies to the recipe. It could use more. N's suggestion of more salt was right on. After reading the review, I skipped the toppings. I find the process of making gazpacho fascinating. It is so neat to watch all the ingredients come together in the blender. Serious Eats has a fun article on the science of gazpacho. This is a first for me. I hope you enjoyed it, cause I want to make more gazpacho.

Yep, looking for a salmon color here

I was so happy to see sugar snap peas at the farmers market last week. Yay. I can finally make this sugar snap peas salad recipe. It is very similar to your peas salad. Add some grilled meat and cherry tomato relish recipe. The flank steak was marinated in cilantro, parsley, cumin, Mexican oregano,  lime, garlic, and olive oil overnight. G grilled it to temperature 140°F, about 4 minutes on each side on medium high heat. I goofed and used all the mint for the margarita and forget I needed some for the salad. All in all, everything turned out okay.

colors of summer

Summery meal accomplished. And as if I did not spend enough time in the kitchen putting up the strawberries G brought home in addition to the Saturday meal, I also prep watermelon rind to make two kinds of pickled watermelon rind.

After dinner, N wanted a mindless game. G lobbied for Acquire (surprise!), I lobbied for New World. We settled on Bohnanza, then Guillotine.

One of my favorite cards in the deck

Stuck in a rut on our games? I think so. Or summer making and eating food has taken over. This too shall pass. I see a very simple meal in our future.

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