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Welcome Barbecue Season

Dear E --

When N said that he planned to make pulled pork for dinner last Saturday, I was surprised. With this summer's BBQ competitions ramping up, I thought he might be sick and tired of cooking pork. Apparently not!

At the end of my fork

N made two pork butts in his usual method which involves his special rub ™, mustard, and a long time smoking in the egg. I threw together a quick cabbage slaw -- 1 whole shredded green cabbage, half of a very thin sliced sweet onion, caraway seeds, shreds of carrot (for color), and a mayo + apple cider vinegar + horseradish dressing. I was impressed that we managed to eat all of the slaw!

bacon explosion
bacon explosion

I almost forgot about the bacon explosion. In preparation for following weekend's BBQ competition, N also made a bacon explosion. He added apples and pasilla peppers to the center, which I enjoyed.

I also threw together another vegetable because all of the meat was scaring me. I had a ton of zucchini from the farm share, so I just seasoned it and N grilled it up quickly. It made me feel a little better about all of the meat on the table!

This weekend we finally tried a new game, Ra (BGG)! Before everyone arrived, I read through the rules and played a few rounds by myself to learn the mechanics. After dinner, the boys watched a video review explaining the game and I printed a cheat sheet and player mat for everyone.

A new game for us!

We played two games and it actually went very well for all five of us learning a new game. I think the video watching before the game really made a difference and the game was very well received -- even if you and I are not sure about auction games! I'm pleased to have a 5 person game that doesn't suck and even more pleased we had a relatively argument-free experience with a new game. I look forward to playing Ra again.

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