tasty nom nom an exception to the daily meal


Where is the meat?

Hi J!

I found "8D" on the floor under the sofa this morning. G thinks that was one of the tiles that could have ended Acquire last night! Heh. (We may have to do an audit.)

I sucked less this time. yay!

Last night was another three-games evening. Acquire, Seven Samurai, and Castle. I believe we had one of those common-denominator moment when we try to find a game that all of us, with guest coworker-D, can agree on. So we started with Acquire. I modified my play to hold less companies, while focused in one company where I had the tiles to maneuver into a merger. It worked about 30% well, many planned moves did not pan out. I did better, but I am still feeling behind on this game.

After Acquire, someone wanted to try Seven Card Samurai.

Arty much?

I picked out Seven Samurai a couple of months ago when you and I went to the game store. Our criteria was something light, quick, and a filler when we don't want to play long cerebral games. Since I do not play cards, all the comparison was lost on me. N really hated this game. I try to give games at least two chances before I hold a negative opinion. And even then, I will try again, seriously! (Hi Mille Bornes)  The rules are pretty simple - defend your rice and build an army of Seven Samarai. The down side - the card size was awkward, heavy, and the art is kitschy. I will play this again, without N.

We tried to rescue the evening, and end on a fun note with Castle.

The game went faster with five players. I like Castle a lot, we have not played it in a while.  I think we put it asided when it became contentious, plus we were stuck in the Bohnanza rut. We discovered a rule we have missed regarding the soldiers and siege engines. D was confused by this game since it requires a few times to see all the cards & their actions.

Oh the food ... the food was a bit of a mash-up. (oh hey, positive spin!)

I've had the urge to make pate for a long while now, but in keeping with the spirit of lighter fare, I refrained. I rationalized this time by the prospect of having another guest (victim!) with a hearty appetite, D - coworker friend.

unmold, and taste test

I read a few recipes and mostly they prescribe various combination of livers, meats, and seasonings. One of the recipes in Charcuterie (Michael Ruhlman, Brian Polcyn and Thomas Keller) start by browning the livers. I couldn't resist another caramelized brown food opportunity! I sliced and browned 1 lb each of pork liver, beef liver, and chicken liver, pureed with lots of garlic, onion, thyme, tarragon, and truffle salt. Poured in a loaf pan lined with bacon. Baked in a water bath until temperature reached 160°F.  I put weight on it while it cool. It rested in the fridge for a few days. D seemed to like it. I served it with a few cheeses and other accouterments.

I had plans to add a soup and [substantial] salad and call it a meal. But after I got the most puzzled "Where is the meat?" look from both G and D,  I pulled out the back up mismatch dish Malaysian Beef Curry from the last issue of Bon Appetit. Instead of a slow cooker, I cooked the whole pot in a 250°F oven overnight. The curry was very easy, but it lacked 'something." Any thoughts?

D's cucumber salad, stir fry string beans, and beef curry

After the games of Acquire, I pull out chocolate dipped candied orange from your cannolis. Mmm. A little something. Or as someone put it, 'crap'.

Do you have more candied orange? If so, I will happily chocolate dip them!

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