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Hi J -

This week, we served Szechuan Pepper Roasted chicken, garlic noodles, and bok choy. (and marinated mushroom snack). I was very nervous about serving chicken, due to previous undercooked chicken incidences. This was an opportunity to recover, slowly, the ability to cook and serve chicken to you and N!

my plate

A few weeks ago, coworker and I went to Penzeys near Pike Place Market. I have browsed Penzeys' catalog online, but had never been to their stores. I was looking for cardamon, but left with Szechuan peppercorns also.  I occasionally ran into forums, in the last few years, that discussed the import ban on these peppers ( wikipedia entry). So I wanted to try using the real thing.

I used a very simple roasted chicken recipe from Steamy Kitchen, and added extra insurance of brine overnight with chicken stock, ginger and star anise. I started at convection roast - 425°F, and set meat thermometer to 158°F, in the half breast, to ensure there will be no trace of pink. The chicken browned really fast so I ended up lower the heat to 400° half way through.  It took about 45 minutes and the skin crisped to a nice dark shade of golden. Oh how I like crispy food. I also made my favorite ginger garlic dipping sauce as flavor insurance.

The garlic noodle was my second (or was that third?) attempt at recreating the garlic noodles from Thanh Long, An Family Vietnamese restaurant, recipe from Rasa Malaysia. I used fresh yaki soba noodles and slightly more garlic than the recipe. I totally failed on this one - mushy and greasy.

The vegetable was a no frill default stir fry bok choy. Mmm. Overall, I was satisfied, a step towards a chicken recovery. Although G is still not allow to cook chicken.

Was everyone a bit tired last night? no one wanted to venture to a new game after dinner. Instead, we visited some old friends - Settlers of Catan, Guillotine, and MamaMia!

Those are my perennial favorites, even if I lose at MamaMia and Guillotine all the time.

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  1. mama mia is so fun! The chicken was delicious and I liked the noodles the slightest bit greasy. 🙂

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