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Ground Beef Brainstorm

Hi E!

I would like to enlist your help.

N estimates that we have 70 pounds of ground beef in the freezer from our quarter cow. I'm not sure it's quite that much but I also haven't counted. So far I've used 3 pounds to make two batches of chili.

ground beef shelf, in 1lb packages

Other ideas in mind for the use of lean, grass-fed ground beef:

  • hamburgers (duh)
  • chili
  • taco meat
  • kofta/kefta kabobs
  • kotleti
  • meatballs (meh)
  • Bolognese sauce
  • meatloaf (bleech!)
  • stuffed vegetables (cabbage, eggplant)

N has often complained that ever since I started feeding the dogs raw ground beef, I stopped making us dinner with ground beef. The reality is that I am not much of a fan of any of ground beef patty type items other than hamburgers. I think all of those years of being a vegetarian and also avoiding red meat are catching up to me as well.

Other ideas?

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