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Power Out

Dear E:

Happy New Year!

N was tasked with planning dinner for this weekend and he happened across this beer-braised beef recipe that won him over with its "bacon pestata."

I made quite the face when he said the words "bacon pestata!" But I reminded myself that it was N's plan and I know he can make it work.

N's plate

N used a chuck roast from our 1/4 cow and generally followed the recipe. It smelled really good while it was cooking, but there is simply no way -- even with an addition of fresh parsley -- to make roasted beef look good. I found the meat to be very tender and tasty on its own, but didn't care for the sauce. I also didn't realize it was going to basically end up as another POT ROAST and so I was sort of disappointed!

I loosely made shallot and balsamic brussels sprouts, which I liked but not as much as plain ol' roasted brussels sprouts.

I also made mashed potatoes at N's request, using potatoes from the farm share. I didn't realize they were variegated red on the inside until I quartered them! Mashed up, they became pink. I boiled the quartered skin-on potatoes and crushed cloves of garlic until soft (~20m), drained and added a touch of butter, sour cream [instead of milk/cream/more butter], prepared horseradish, and salt/pepper. I like my mashed potatoes textured, which is why I leave the skins on and mash them by hand.

For appetizer, N decided that since he was making a roasted beef product, he better also make something that you would like. When he picked up the 1/4 cow, our friend E suggested that N use our cube steak to make chicken fried steak fingers!

I think this was a fairly brilliant idea (from the perspective of someone who hates CFS), but I was worried that it might overcook the steak too much. Lots of crunchy crust, though!

chicken fried steak ... fingers!

N cut the cube steak into strips, dipped them in flour seasoned with salt and lots of pepper, dipped them in egg, and then dipped them into flour with even more pepper. LOTS of pepper. He deep fried them for about 5 minutes I believe. They turned out crunchy and I was quite impressed with the coating. I still hate the texture of cube steak though!

I tried to convince us to try a new-to-us game, Saint Petersburg (BGG). By the time we got around to game playing, N vetoed the new game. Boo!

power out uno
Don't use digital photography to capture an analog moment.

In retrospect, it was good we didn't try to play Saint Petersburg because the power went out shortly before 11pm, in the middle of Uno! We were able to continue, though green and blue sure look similar under candlelight.

Next time I swear we'll try a new game and no! more! pot! roast!

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