tasty nom nom an exception to the daily meal


First of the season

Hi J - The weather has been really (read unusually)  good, so I decided it is time to put some meat on the fire.


I saw this Pok Pok pork ribs recipe and wanted to give it a try. I usually brine country ribs, but did not this time. So it turned out less juicy than usual, even with the dipping sauce I drizzled on before serving. I am not too sure this recipe will make it into the rotation, it was just ... average.

For vegetable, I made a salad with carrots, jicama, and lettuce, tossed with a green papaya salad dressing recipe. I added sweet mandarin oranges to balance the salty tart flavor.

 what's missing?

Oh look. Is this Settlers of Catan? notice there is a color missing (ahem, it's red). I guess someone got frustrated at the end of the game and pulled the pieces before I had a chance to take the end of game pic.

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Bring Hawaii Here


This week I had a hard time planning dinner thanks to a super-restrictive allergen-avoiding diet. But I decided to try to fake Kalua pork in the crock pot.

I followed a recipe on Nom Nom Paleo.

At the end of my fork
pork in crock

The only change I made to the recipe is that I wrapped the pork in banana leaves. It really made the house smell terrible but the pork itself was tasty.

On the side we had braised cabbage (another Nom Nom Paleo recipe -- I loved it!), guacamole, and N made a salad of jicama, apple, carrots, mint, and cilantro which was refreshing.


I also made the worst drink ever:


But it was an excuse to use drink umbrellas.

After dinner we broke out Suburbia but quickly became overwhelmed at the calculations and steps involved in placing tiles/building our cities.

Suburbia, set up, then promptly put away

Then we set up Tzolk'in, which I have been looking forward to playing. I think we had a few rules not quite right, but that we did figure out the game mechanics and it started to all make sense.

Tzolk'in set up ... What. #gamenight

It was a fun test round.


By the end of the game, G was looking very tired! I don't blame him. I hope it doesn't mean he hated the game and I hope we try it out again soon.

Until the next round...



Dear J - Where has time gone?

I've been busying myself with all sorts of backlogged house-related projects. The morning of this meal, I was at an upholstery shop selecting fabric for the antique sette, a project I've wanted to do myself for a decade. A kind coworkerfriend helped me and sent it off to professionals.

I don't know if my cloudy sad mood affected this dish, but it seem to lack ... something. Or perhaps nothing feel quite right.

 braised pork shoulder with cucumber salad

It is a braised beef with rice noodle recipe from Bon Appétit. I seared the beef, then stir fried lemongrass, ginger, garlic, together and braised for a few hours on Friday. On Saturday, I reheated it when I came home, then added carrots and green onions. It was ok. I made a cucumber salad to go with the braise.

UntitledJ wins!

After dinner, we played Acquire and argued, as per usual, about the rules. I was too mentally tired to partake.

Ah. I also spy the wonderful temporary table in the picture. Another side effect of the mad house projects. I apologize for the furniture situation and hope you don't mind the plastic chairs too much.

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Happy Spring!

This year I thought of maslenitsa before it had passed. Almost every year I think of it too late, and N balks at eating bliny outside of maslenitsa, with this exception. Buckwheat bliny with savory toppings is one of my very favorite foods, and I would like to eat them more often: at least once a year for maslenitsa!

bliny minus bliny

You brought a friend from work, A, to dinner and she brought Olivier salad, another Russian standard. I really liked it! Very finely and precisely diced. Yum.

E's bliny

N made buckwheat and plain flour bliny. The buckwheat are my very favorite.

Toppings wise, we had: herring, hard boiled egg, caviar, pickles, smoked salmon, marinated red onion, sour cream, melted ghee, and khabanosy.

In addition to A's Olivier salad, we had vinegret and krasnaya kapusta (my transliteration there might be wrong).

And after dinner we played some Hello Kitty Uno!

Hello kitty uno
hello kitty uno

I love Hello Kitty Uno. It seems to make people play more nicely. Or maybe it just makes me smile.

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