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Wrong Year

Hi J - Happy Year of the Snake. (Doh, correction, I was a year behind.)

I was logistically challenged on Saturday. I finished prep in the morning but unfortunately could not start cooking until almost 7pm. Yikes. I hope the snack of preserved duck egg (a.k.a. Century egg wikipedia link) took the edge off your hunger, one way or another. Or perhaps I should have shortcut to Wanchai Ferry meals.

Ah. I was starving when we sat down to eat. And oops. I failed to notice the rice was a little cool.

DSC_2476table full of food

On the menu

Tomato beef with crispy noodle is easily one of my favorite dish. I think I always order it when I am at the Regents Bakery. The only change from the recipe was to caramelize the onions. I was worried about the egg noodles. They took a long time to  crisp up but they turned out ok. The Chinese sausage, I threw in for N.

DSC_2475mango pudding in koi shape

After late dinner, we only managed a game of Catan. You won, yay!

DSC_2483not in focus pic of J's win

Happy New Year and see you soon.

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Slight obession


Hi J - Many years ago, my friend W introduced me to to Santa Ramen in San Mateo, Before then, I only knew ramen as those instant noodle packages from the store. So when I saw this thread on chow, and found the Coming Soon sign on 148th Ave, I knew we would go to ramen at our next eating out opportunity. According to chow, Kukai Ramen & Izakaya is a chain, and a pretty good one. I am glad they chose a location that is convenient for us!

The wait was not too bad for a Saturday night. Even thought I was starving by the time we were seated, I was determined not to over order. I was a little worried after the waiter said they do not have green tea, they have Oolong tea. What's up with that? and over brewed too. Sad.

We started with some agedashi tufo, karaage and gyoza. The agedashi tofu was a little better than average, but not exceptional. The karaage was ok. The gyoza was nice and crispy. Although my basis for comparison for karaage is high, I expected an izakaya to have kick-ass karaage.

I ordered the Shoyu Ramen, and added seaweed, instead of the extra egg. I had a feeling based on how G eyed and asked 'what kind of egg is that?" when he saw the menu that I may have an extra egg coming (yes!). I was so excited about my ramen I forgot what everyone else ordered. Oops.

Untitledegg, yum

The noodle was well cooked, the broth tasty, and the half boil egg was rich and yummy. With the exception of the feeling robbed on the $1.50 seaweed, it was good value for good comfort food. No fine dinning here.

Ramen!J's Yuzu Shio, with extra bean sprouts

I was very full, but when you mentioned there is a menchies! next door, I gladly made room for froyo.

froyoJ's - with mochi, strawberry boba, coconut, mini dark choc chips,
a marachino cherry, and pistachio froyo

I agree the make your own size and pick your topping is pretty awesome. I always want a little (or a lot), but never whatever predetermined size they offered.  I have to confess I did not like the strawberry boba you got. It reminded me of cough syrup.

After ramen and froyo, we managed a game of Settlers of Catan. I was totally blocked in with no chance in the world of winning.

UntitledN won

Thank you for going to Kukai with us. I like ramen, a lot. Let me know when you are ready to go again, I want to eat through the menu, especially takoyaki.

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A Night for Italian

Dear E,

Do you ever task G with coming up with the menu? N and I do that to one another on occasion. This was one of those times I asked N to plan the meal and I simply added some extra vegetables.

N peered into the freezer and found some goat shanks. He decided on goat ossobuco as the main dish.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough goat for four people -- they have little shanks! We supplemented with some cow.

I pulled out my favorite Italian cookbook, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan and N followed her ossobuco recipe. I made gremolata, which I felt was necessary, though Marcella Hazan says in her cookbook that she doesn't bother. What??!

ossobuco and risotto

In addition to ossobuco, N decided to make mushroom risotto. I am not sure he followed a recipe for it. I do so like risotto!

N's risotto in progress

I spent the past couple of weeks thinking about your comment that 7 Wonders (BGG) doesn't have enough interaction between players for your taste. I think I understand what you mean (but I like it anyway!).

After dinner, we played 7 Wonders again. You won the first round, though scoring was tight! I focused on science and made up a lot of points that way, but only came in second.

E's Win
E's win

We played another round of 7 Wonders. I am not sure what was going on with these decks, but it felt as though all of the decks had awful cards -- but they had the same cards as the previous game! I was lagging behind and not able to make many good victory point gaining plays, so when the third age came around, I was just trying to maximize points. I started playing as many Guild (purple) cards as I could to make up my deficit. This led to a rule check after the game when N declared I was only allowed to play one Guild card. I did not see that in the rules anywhere...

E's loss
E's loss

In the end, that worked for me that game and I won handily, with G in second. I also think we managed to finish this game in about 35 minutes -- close to the game box claim of 30.

Some ice cream, some Uno (another win for you!) and we called it a night. See you next time!