tasty nom nom an exception to the daily meal


You Never Can Tell

Good Evening, E!

Last weekend we tried to go for something simple... and somehow went overboard. How typical!

N came home with my favorite rosemary bread and a few types of cheese. You brought homemade plum chutney. The plum chutney went well with the Mt. Townsend Creamery Seastack.

cheese and chutney
cheese & plum chutney

I came home with figs, goat cheese, and culatello. I craved prosciutto wrapped figs. Last time I made them it was a mess. I found a suggestion on a blog to use a melon baller on the figs and then mix the fig innards into the goat cheese and use that as the filling. I tried that and it was much neater. If only I hadn't left them under the broiler too long! Thankfully they were still tasty.

figs & culatello
figs & culatello

As for dinner... well. Maybe it's best not spoken about. The steaks were cooked well but the meat was from "a working cow" as G put it. They looked good and marbled. Ah well. The leftovers were great on a sandwich later in the week.

N made rotkraut using this recipe. The only modification he made was to cut the red wine vinegar with some apple cider vinegar because my homemade red wine vinegar is a little under-acetic. It turned out really tasty!

E's plate

I massaged some kale for a raw kale salad. I destemmed the kale, tossed it with some kosher salt, olive oil, and lemon juice and then I rubbed it down. It helps break down the fibrous kale.

I tossed the massaged kale with tomatoes and a dijon vinaigrette and served it with mandarin oranges on the side. I had at least two servings of kale salad. I love kale.

catan 1
settlers of catan, first game

On Thursday, N said he was looking forward to playing Settlers of Catan (BGG), so I knew we were going to play it AGAIN.

He won the first game handily. I had an awful game and got completely creamed.

As for the second game, it was really close. I think all four of us were close. I really thought I was going to be able to pull out a win.

catan 2
settlers of catan, second game

Alas, you got it! Did you know that there is a Star Trek: Catan? I think the idea of a Klingon ship as the Robber is awesome.

While there was a bit of extra-curricular discussion on our end of the table about - what else?! - yarn, N pulled out Diplomacy (BGG) and punched all of the pieces out of the cardboard. N also showed off his non-cubic dice and he and G had a discussion about D&D. Really.

What, everyone doesn't have yarn on the dining table?
yarn table

A few rounds of Uno and the night was done for. Thanks for the plum chutney!

A catalog from Williams-Sonoma arrived in the mail this week, full of Halloween and Thanksgiving ideas. I'm ready for fall. Pumpkin and gingerbread all around!


Win some, lose some

DSC_5162eggs, not mangled

Do you remember the last time you made deviled eggs, I made a comment about how I can not cook and peel boiled eggs without looking like .. hmm, like a cat dragged them in? (Hi Chester! Do you like eggs?) Well, this is the second time I've attempted these almost hard-boiled eggs, and I managed not to mangle the egg whites. I feel so ... accomplished. A tiny celebration. These eggs were chopped up to go into the ever popular Tuscan Kale slaw - a safe dish to go with ...

DSC_5166putting on salt crust

... a salt crusted beef brisket. G found this recipe, I don't know where. He rubbed the brisket with our coffee rub, then lots of coarse sea salt, mixed with pepper and rosemary, plus a little water, then smoked to 205°. We are filing this dish under Trials. The crust peeled off easily after cooking. Even with thin slices across the grain, it was still a bit tough. N said it tasted like roasted beef. Some parts of it, I think the thinner edge, was tender. The center was definitely tough.

And because of the water crackers you put out last week, I caught the water crackers craving ... really... but also

DSC_5171mmm, cream cheese

...the other day, I was marveling at how full the refrigerator is, which got me wondering what is taking up all this space. So I dug around and rediscovered the mango jalapeno jam (recipe minus red bell pepper), and raspberry chipotle jam (recipe, minus pectin and baking soda), and pickled baby corn (last season), and refrigerator pickles (also last fall)...   It may have looked like we were cleaning out the fridge, but really, it was all about the water crackers.

Besides the homemade miscellany, I put out two Mick's Peppouri  pepper jelly -  one pomegranate and one ghost pepper. Funny about the ghost pepper jelly, since G and his family like to burn their taste buds off, I bought the ghost pepper for them. one. G, even after my initial warning, ate a giant teaspoon of it the first time he tried it. Yea.

DSC_5173kale slaw, with meat and grilled summer squash

Shocker that someone still wants to play Settlers of Catan, really.

Untitled start of game 1

Untitled bank is out of wheat

Untitled N won, with the longest road, me thinks one of his strategy

Three of us at 9 points, argh! Game 2 - Three of us, at 9 points

When do you think we can escape Settlers of Catan?


Hot & Simple

G'evening, E!

Last week N's mom visited us for about a week, which was a lot of fun! While we may have been a little tired, we thought we'd still host a simple meal on our usual schedule.

N went to Bill the Butcher and got an awesome coarse-ground blend of organic grass-fed beef for burgers.


I made a quick arugula salad which was a bit too citrus-y.

I also tried to recreate a potato salad that N's mom made while she was here. I boiled some red potatoes (from the garden), then tossed them with some dill and parsley and a dressing of lemon juice, lemon zest, salt and mushroom infused olive oil. Too much citrus?!!

Surprise, surprise! Another round of Settlers? Really?

E win!

You won a round of Settlers! I think we've been splitting the wins up fairly evenly among the four of us. After a game, we took a short chocolate break with some store-bought goodies.

chocolate and more chocolate

Then a round of Bohnanza. Have you had any luck getting a replacement card for the one you're missing?

da bean game!

I was so happy we played a round of Bohnanza, even though I got completely creamed. Anything was better than another round of Catan! 😀