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Easy Street

Hi J - Both G and I have been short on time last week, which led us to take the short cut to Easy Street - take out. You and I were talking about sushi or Chinese, G suggested Indian, which we have not had in a long time.

We selected four dishes, and two nan from India Gate. I cautioned we should order less rice, then he suggested I make rice instead. Funny story, I have a peculiar habit of making rice, instead of ordering rice for Chinese take out near us.  So I stw and found simple instruction for saffron rice. Before rice is done, soak some saffrons in a little water, then toss and cover. The fragrance was so distinct, the color so pretty.

DSC_5145N, opted for saffron, instead of plain rice

Apparently, our fear of not enough food rein supreme. G came home with one addition (five total) dishes, two nan, and the meal came with a lot of rice, and rice pudding. What to do with so much leftover rice, why more rice pudding ....

After a dinner, while you and I were busy chatting about all the new cool neat items in the Williams-Sonoma catalog, N quietly and efficiently laid out Settlers.

IMAG0013 start of game 1

IMAG0014 N's winning move - monopolize wheat. Look at all that wheat ..

In between the two games, I cut up the last piece of raspberry brownies I made Monday evening. I was not in the mood to make more jam, with these almost our last raspberry from our patch.  Then I remember how much I like raspberry and chocolate. I found this Raspberry Spiked Brownie recipe. One of the reviewers smartly added raspberries to the batter also, so I followed suit.

Food and Settlers coma means more food talk right? The topic of both curry beef noodles and anchovy pasta came up, again. One of the benefits of writing it all down is I can look it up - last appearance for curry beef noodle was February 2011 and anchovy pasta was December 2010. So anchovy pasta will appear this fall or winter, before curry beef noodle.

DSC_5138raspberries blended and folded in the brownie

IMAG0017 start of game 2, tough board

IMAG0018 end game 2, phew

 We survived another evening of Settlers. How many more of those evenings can you handle?

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Take With A Glass of Water

Hi E!

I hate writing about failure, so I've been dragging my feet writing this post!

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering what to make with the ribs N was planning. Just as I was going to ask, he messaged me with a proposed menu: ribs, tomato-onion-cucumber salad, salted smashed fingerlings, and a slaw of some type.


Late Friday night N pulled the ribs out. He removed the membrane and did his layered method of dry rub. One of the last layers of rub is salt. Unfortunately there was an... accident. A pile of salt rained down onto the ribs.


N scraped off as much as he could but chose not to rinse the ribs off because it would mean losing all of the previous layers of rub.

Unfortunately... too much salt was absorbed by the ribs and they were ... somewhat edible. I think all the salt made them extra tender and juicy though!

Fortunately, we had leftover brisket in the fridge and lots of sides.


N made salted-wrinkled-smashed fingerling potatoes. First he boiled the fingerlings in a metric ton of salt. Next he heated a bit oil in a pan, lightly smushed each potato between his palms, and then pan-fried the potatoes until they had a little crisp. He finished them with a touch more salt and some chives.

N also threw together his favorite onion-tomato-cucumber salad with a bit of my red wine vinegar (how is your vinegar doing?).


I've been craving broccoli slaw for a few weeks. One of my aunts used to make a broccoli slaw with chow mein noodles. I found a Smitten Kitchen recipe for broccoli slaw with toasted almonds. I don't think the texture was quite right, but it was tasty.


[While I was making salads, I took a few minutes to make some garlic scape pesto. Yum!]

Surprisingly, Settlers was suggested as the game to play for the fourth(?) weekend in a row.


You pulled off a win!

Then we had a snack of watermelon and honeydew.


And then I managed to pull off a Catan win despite low-probability pips on the areas in which I built!


I admit I am tired of Catan at this point...