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This menu is brought you to by …

...  my phone's Epicurious App.

Hi J!

I asked G what he wanted to make, 'beef pork lamb meatballs'. Ok! So when I find myself with a few minutes waiting for someone, or on walkie with the fuzzies this week, I used my Epicurious App to find some recipes.

  • Berry Rosé Sangria recipe
  • Figs with goat cheese & bacon recipe
  • Chipotle Meatballs recipe
  • Jicama salad modified from recipe
  • Chipotle mayo

Not creative, but very helpful when I am on tight time budget.  I've wanted to make Sangria for a while now, the hot summer weather on Saturday was a perfect excuse. For the Sangria, I started with the recipe's lemon and lime juice, raspberries, blackberries, sugar, a bottle of Ménage à Trois Rosé, then splash in various liqueur in the pantry - Chambord, Raspberry di Amore, and Soho Lycee. I tasted as I go. Mmm ... I liked it. Refreshing with a slight kick. I will definitely make again.


G grilled the meatballs using the new griddle outside. Yay for not having to hover a hot stove, turning meatballs. The flavor of the meatballs were good, but they were overdone. But, I had a backup rescue plan with the chipotle mayonnaise sour cream mustard sauce. The limb-threatening jicama salad was good, but I was missing the lime flavor.  I will adjust the vinegrette next time. And I lazily substituted canned  mandarins for clementine. Oh! You know how I forgot the pepitas until half way through? Guess what I completely forgot? queso fresco!  Seriously, I need to make myself a final serving to-do list ...

Hurry up, I want to eat eat it...

The sangria, meatballs wraps, and figs bites were good, but the highlight of my evening was the It's Its N ran out and got. 🙂 Mmm. Yea. I have very strong emotional attachment to them. After dinner, at the uncomfortably warm state, I suggested Mama Mia.

six out of eight pizzas for me

We ended the evening with New World. I like New World, but we have to stop being so sloppy with the rules! And go you who won!

is that N and G arguing? heh. I like the art.

This coming Saturday is going to be a warm one ... I imagine there will be more grilling. Mmmm! Can't. Wait.

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Post Operative

This week was a bit of a mail-in thanks to my being a bit under the weather after minor surgery.

We decided on burgers and a green salad, which N supplemented with guacamole and It's-Its.


We were a little worried because we used the grass-fed local beef for the burgers and they usually require a bit of added fat. N performed some magic using a combination of the cast iron grill pan and the Big Green Egg and he managed to make them work. Hooray!

lemon bars
lemon bars

Lucky me, you brought the extra lemon bars! My mom used to make lemon bars every so often and I love them. I picked a lemon bar over an It's-It: that's how much I love lemon bars.

We ended the night with a couple of rounds of Uno. Even while loopy on percocet I was able to pull off a win.


Uno is a lot of luck and a very tiny bit of strategy. Mostly luck.

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Dog day

Dear J -

The first thing I did this morning was to look up whether multiple +action cards can be played in Dominion.

Five Market cards being played by N

I was surprised a) N drew three Market[s], then five Market cards, in near subsequent turn, b) that multiple +action can be played in one turn. I STFW and found Throne Room action chains reference, but was not able to find Market action chains. Hmm.

But I get ahead of myself.

The first real warm day of summer, I think we hit 80°F. I was moving in slow motion. Lucky for us, the temperature cooled off last night / this morning.

Refreshing Arnold Palmer, or John Daly for some of us

We start with a refreshing iced beverage. (Thanks for bringing ice!). Based on a reviewer's suggestion on this Sweet Tea recipe, I made the tea with good Earl Grey. Tasty.

Following tradition, and sheer laziness, we made a meal out of hot dogs! I found a Detroit Coney Dog Chili Sauce recipe. I followed the recipe almost exactly. G went to Fischer Meats in Issaquah and ordered double ground chuck with beef hearts. (We ended up with a smaller portion of beef hearts, I neglected to give G the proportions.) It is a straight forward recipe. I would play around with the spices next time. G grilled the all beef, and beef + pork dogs. Meat in tube form. Oh, and next time, I will remember to put out the shredded cheese for the dogs, and salasa for the chips.

I felt like I cheated - making / assembling beverage, lettuce, chili sauce, and guacamole. Your relish is very tasty. Please tell me which book the recipe came from. I want to make it!

relishSweet, with a little heat. I like it a lot

After dinner, I did want to stick with last week's choice for this week - Dominion. We selected Big Money, one of the stocked game. We started the game with the typical rule clarification, aka argument. Then after a round, I got the hang of it.  I found Throne Room, Bureaucrat, and Market to be my useful card in this game.  I started buying victory cards early (than the last time we played) and saved for the higher cost / higher value cards.  There was a lot of money in this game. While the game is enjoy, it seems the game is a bit simple.

One of my hands, not enough money

The contentious game over, we got up, stretched our legs, pour more coffee, and had a quick snack of blueberries and lemon curd. It was not the cherry pie with vanilla ice cream N was hoping for. Maybe next time.

With the frivolous decorative mint

We ended the evening with Mama Mia! I switched it up and went with the Mushroom pizzas. I think this is the first time I played with Mushrooms.

mushroom with olives pizza?! who wants to eat that?

Happy almost 4th of July!

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