tasty nom nom an exception to the daily meal


Want Some Onions (and Garlic) With That?


Almost a week later, I think my house has finally stopped smelling like onion!

N saw this onion soup on MSNBC last week and immediately wanted to make it. That was fine with me, but what goes with onion soup? What dishes go with one-million-pounds-of-onion soup?

lots of onions
yeah, it is a LOT of onion

We eventually settled on also having roasted beer butt chicken and brussels sprouts, but no salad. I've been working on making one fewer dish than I feel like I need to. Editing, as they say!

N made the soup on Friday night. One issue with the recipe is that it gives you a quantity of onions to use rather than weight or cups after slicing. We think N bought larger onions and so we ended up with a lot more onions in our soup than the recipe really meant to call for.

Another problem in the recipe is that it says after adding the rosemary, it should only take 20 minutes to reduce by 1/3. It took much longer than that for N, for whatever reason. In the video, Todd English actually notes that it takes a bit longer than the written recipe suggests. Consider this a forewarning to anyone else planning to make this soup.

my soup
my soup, no cheese

One modification N made was to use chicken thighs instead of a whole chicken. He removed them from the soup after it was cooked per the recipe and then cut up and added just the meat to the soup. This made the soup a lot heartier than I had anticipated.

E's soup with gruyere

We served the soup with fresh parsley, chopped hard boiled egg, and shredded gruyére.

The chicken was rubbed with oil, butter under the skin, cajun seasoning and lots of garlic. The brussels sprouts were halved and tossed with olive oil, kosher salt, and still more garlic.

arty crop
chicken and brussels sprouts

The soup was so hearty none of us ate very much chicken or brussels sprouts -- but it was great lunch leftovers!

After dinner, we had coffee and picked out a game to play. It was weird to only have three players! We played a round or two of Gloom [BGG] and then some bean game [BGG]. I think N won Gloom and then you and N tied in Bohnanza. I came in last! Boo!

I still haven't figured out a good strategy for Gloom. Do I spend my kill cards taking out my own family or taking out your family when you have low points? I have tried it both ways and as a combination but I haven't had any success one way or the other. I wish I could more easily see what cards were in front of everyone. 🙂

my family in gloom
my gloomy family

Bohnanza was especially difficult without our resident garbage bean collector G! We missed you, G!


Pork, that’s what’s for dinner

Good morning J!

Cleaning the stove after last night's tasty meal was particularly satisfying this morning. (Weird huh?!)  I wanted to make something that tasted like autumn. I saw the Soy Braised Pork Country Ribs with Carrots and Turnips recipe on Bon Appétit a couple of weeks ago. Lucky for me, the only meat in the freezer is country ribs.


(why yes, I do get product placement incentives!)

I followed the recipe mostly and browned the meat on the skillets but slow roasted it in the oven at 250°F for a couple of hours. Simmered the vegetables and returned the pork to the skillet for another hour or so on low. I paired it with the Braised Cabbage, recipe also on Bon Appétit, figured I could not go wrong with cabbage. And we started with some romaine and shredded carrot salad, with a mayo-miso-ginger dressing. This dressing is some portions of mayo+miso+sugar+vinegar+chili paste+ ginger & garlic+sesame oil. I make it up every time so it is always different. This time was spicier than I intended.

After dinner, I wanted to play Dominion. I feel like we missed a couple of something last time and want to try it again. I like it this time, despite a hiccup or two on the rules. The action - reaction cards set you / N selected is good.  We should not wait 6 months to play next time. 🙂 So fun. I am definitely putting the expansions on the list
dominion and lots of caffeinated beverages