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Summer Craving

Word Up, E!

A week before I left on vacation, I started to crave pulled pork sandwiches. Shredded barbecued sauced pork with coleslaw on a potato roll... Mmm!

My favorite part of pulled pork sandwiches is the potato bun. My favorite brand is Martin's with their yellow color and delicious texture. I know you hate yellow buns, so thankfully for you, we can't get Martin's rolls here!

In fact, all of the potato rolls I've tried in Seattle have been mediocre at best. Nowhere near the right texture or flavor of my beloved Martin's.

I said to N, "hey! I bet I can make potato rolls."

Sure enough, I found this recipe (among others) which looks promising.

I cannot wait for pork sandwiches!

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Travel Food: Munich

Dear E --

Happy Solstice!

Phew! It's been a while. I am very much looking forward to summer grilling season!

N and I had a lot of tasty food while we were on vacation.

In Munich, we had half-meter weisswurst on tasty crusty baguette rolls with spicy mustard:


In Munich, we also had fried herring with paprika-spiced potatoes at the Fischmarkt. The fish was fried with its skin on, and it was crispy and good. I wasn't eating the skin at first until I saw that other people were eating it:

fishy fishy

We also had a couple of very thin-crusted pizzas topped with very little sauce, just the way I like it:

bacon and onion?
proscuitto and mushroom
proscuitto and mushroom

We also had a delicious breakfast in Munich -- lots of breads, meats, and cheeses. I wondered aloud why we don't eat breakfast like that here in the US.

Our first day in Munich, we sat down at a beer garden and N ordered a snack for us. It was some dense, dark brown bread (our favorite), butter, and a spiced Camembert cheese that was the color of salmon. It was delicious and a wonderful snack -- some bread, butter, cheese, topped with white onion. I have no idea what the cheese was spiced with, however.

Yum! Wish you & G were there to enjoy the food with us. 🙂

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