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No thrill meat

Hi J!

See tasty rolls. Eat tasty rolls.

mmm lemony, pillowy, and slightly crusty. I heart them. 😀 Thanks for sharing! That was a great start to Saturday.

I asked G to cook this week's meal (read "meat"). Being G, he wasn't too imaginative with the ... chunk of meat. So while we ooh-ahhh at the glass rings at the Woodinville Craft Fair, said hi to all the cute Bassett Hounds, marveled at the Earth Float, visited a newtous yarn store, and ate fried fungus, G smoked some pork country ribs (aka pork shoulder). He put rub on half of the meat, and left the other half naked.


I threw together a good old stand by cabbage coleslaw. It is not green, but it counted as vegetables. I am not sure if N liked the crazy idea of  [your farm share] apples in his slaw. Then I pulled some little chocolate cakes out of the freezer, added a dollop of whipped cream and the fresh berries you brought over.


I rated it - low effort, unimaginative, and not bad. I was surprised when N picked a new game after dinner. I was so full that I changed into comfy pants!


Who died and made me team leader?! I was a little confused, just like all first times. I enjoyed the mechanics. But I disliked how the game ends only when someone uses all the clones. Hrmph, perhaps we should invent some house rules?

Oh, you know how you suggested making pizza with some sliced pork? I tried it with pita bread, bbq sauce, sliced pork, and some parsley. Mmm...

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Hi J -

You have the cutest flower mugs!

(Hi Cute Flower Mugs!)

N causally mentioned cream puff a few weeks ago, and that idea has been stuck in my head ever since. Not that I think we need more to eat after the Cincy Style Chili.

In the pass, I used pùte à choux recipe from Nick Malgieri's Chocolate: From Simple Cookies to Extravagant Showstoppers. This time, I tried the Pierre Hermé recipe, which has milk (the Nick Malgieri recipe does not). I bombed the puffs - big ol fail. They fell down when they were cooling. So I went back to Nick Malgieri's recipe.

I made the new-to-me chocolate glaze from Pierre Hermé's Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme ( available here ) and pastry cream from Rose Levy Beranbaum's The Pie and Pastry Bible to go with the puffs. Mmm... can't go wrong when paired with coffee and flower mugs!

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Chili Dog, Chili Bubba, Three Way, Four


I apologize for the delay in writing! It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, you and G came over and we had the Cincinnati chili I promised N I would make.

first spice addition
first spice addition

I did use Grumpy Beer Geek's 16th batch recipe. I cooked it on Friday, letting it go for 8 hours in the crock pot after the first spice addition. Then I added the second spice addition and refrigerated it overnight. I reheated it the next day for a few hours.

Overall I thought it was tasty though for some reason it got watery towards the end of the reheating. I'm not sure why that is -- I think it must be because of the reheating.

I know you are not a huge fan of chili -- what did you think?

chili bubba
j's chili over cornbread

Everyone did something different! G had chili dogs. N had a chili dog and a huge bowl of chili with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, sour cream, and cheese. You had chili three way. I had chili over cornbread -- my favorite way to have it!

part of the table

[I can't get any good pictures when N is whining at me about 'do not take photos!' boo. ]

After that we had some lovely cream puffs that you made. N really loved them. We didn't play ANY games though I'm not sure why not! Hopefully this weekend we'll get some games in.

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Cincy Style Chili

Good morning, E!

I was up very early this morning for a work conference call. Now it's 1030 and I've been thinking about lunch for an hour! Today is the sort of day I should eat two small breakfasts, I guess.

Back in January, N made Texas style chili. He then specifically requested I make Cincinnati style chili -- I promised him I would in February. Well, February came and went and I didn't make chili (oops). So I'm doing it this weekend.

Last time I made Cincinnati style chili, I used Grumpy Beer Geek's Batch 13 -- recipe here. I adjusted his recipe a bit and given how much sour cream my sister M had to add to it ("do you want some chili with that sour cream?"), I think I may have overspiced it just a tad. The recipe was a winner, though.

This time around, I think I am going to use Grumpy Beer Geek's latest recipe, batch 16.

I personally like my chili served over cornbread but since this is Cincinnati style, we'll have spaghetti as well as cornbread -- diner's choice! Plus the usual available toppings: diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, diced onion, diced jalapeños, sour cream. No coney-style dogs, though (mm, tube meat)!

I know you're not a huge fan of chili, but perhaps you'll enjoy the sweet-spicy-saucy Cincinnati-style chili a bit more than the usual type you have.

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Sweet little things …

Hi J -

Happy Flurries Monday. Over the weekend ... I conducted a couple of sweet experiments. One is from this canelés recipe you shared.


Remember how I went on and on when you and I stopped at Honore Artisan Bakery during a trip to the Nordic Heritage Museum. How I tried to make them, how I used to walk to the Essential Bakery and get them (too often!). Sorry! I apologize for being so obsessive about them.


I did a bit more research, looked at different recipes, and read through entire thread on eG.  I made two batches this weekend. The first one was buttered, chilled, butter, chilled and then dusted with sugar. That's the one you had. This second batch was buttered, chilled, buttered, chilled and the crust is less 'char'. G liked them. He had a taste of mine and wanted another one. He described them as "marshmallow". He is funny. If this obsession continues, I may have to ... ahem... get these cute molds.

The other sweet experiment is Meyer Lemon Bars using a Martha Stewart Lime Squares recipe.


The Meyer Lemon made a sweet and softer lemon bar than regular lemons. I am not quite sure how I feel about them. The pistachio crust was tasty though. Happy Monday. Here is to a few days of 'rest' from experimentation.

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Sauce from Puebla

Dear J -

You know that 'food summon' - where you are at a restaurant,  and you've been waiting for your food for a while, so you get up to go to the bathroom, then food would show up? Well, here is my light version, where I attempt interesting recipes that requires three trips to grocery stores, preferably all over town, uses all the utensils, bowls, towels in the kitchen, and ideally multi-days effort. In short, all consuming misdirection to attempt to trigger the desirable events to come to me. ahem.


This time is Mole Poblano "Sauce from Puebla", Puebla, afterall, is where all the good cooks come from***. The preparation is similar to curry. (See that interesting meal of Patong Ayam, Roti Prata, and Cucumber Salad pic on flickr). I used the Rick Bayless Mole Poblano* recipe (here is a vegetarian version). Like those wise people, I scaled down his recipe. Then proceeded to worry whether I will have enough food! Oh. Btw. Just ignore them when they said it only took them 1.5hr. And did I mention that this is my kind of recipe (besides the interestingness), it calls for frying, pan toast, caramelizing, puree ... the house smelled like burnt for days! And like those good people who wrote up their notes on the mole recipe, the bitterness of the sauce went away after a good rest in the fridge overnight.

I (sort of ) followed Rick Bayless's recommendation and served mole with Lacquered Chicken**. I asked G to debone the chicken, since he objects to chicken, unless it is boneless. I know other people like that too. Funny that he didn't really mind too much.

I was at a loss what vegetables to make. So I asked the Internets and it told me these are vegetables that goes with mole. That is how we ended up with something like jicama slaw and salad of romaine men lettuce with a lime vinaigrette. And just for your DH, Pickled (Red) Onion. I was also eyeing ChocoFlan. But after talking to you, and how the allergy meds made me all jittery on Saturday, I reluctantly decided not to do it.

This is the first time I tried making 'Mexican" food. I really like Rick Bayless's book. He had a technique section, then recipes, with helpful notes on the sidebar.

After the men watched Finland win the Bronze medal in Ice Hockey, N picked the Bean Game.


That seems to be our default no-thinking-involved game. You totally win on Saturday! I am looking forward to try Dominion again, maybe minus all the arguments. Ha!

Have a good week!

* used boxed chicken stock instead of homemade, Mexican chocolate instead of bitter/bittersweet chocolate
**marinated overnight in buttermilk, olive oil, garlic and Mexican Oregano
*** Anthony Bourdain - A Cook's Tour, Season 1, Episode 16 Puebla, Where the Good Cooks Are From. And also No Reservations Season 5, Mexico2.