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Slight obession


Hi J - Many years ago, my friend W introduced me to to Santa Ramen in San Mateo, Before then, I only knew ramen as those instant noodle packages from the store. So when I saw this thread on chow, and found the Coming Soon sign on 148th Ave, I knew we would go to ramen at our next eating out opportunity. According to chow, Kukai Ramen & Izakaya is a chain, and a pretty good one. I am glad they chose a location that is convenient for us!

The wait was not too bad for a Saturday night. Even thought I was starving by the time we were seated, I was determined not to over order. I was a little worried after the waiter said they do not have green tea, they have Oolong tea. What's up with that? and over brewed too. Sad.

We started with some agedashi tufo, karaage and gyoza. The agedashi tofu was a little better than average, but not exceptional. The karaage was ok. The gyoza was nice and crispy. Although my basis for comparison for karaage is high, I expected an izakaya to have kick-ass karaage.

I ordered the Shoyu Ramen, and added seaweed, instead of the extra egg. I had a feeling based on how G eyed and asked 'what kind of egg is that?" when he saw the menu that I may have an extra egg coming (yes!). I was so excited about my ramen I forgot what everyone else ordered. Oops.

Untitledegg, yum

The noodle was well cooked, the broth tasty, and the half boil egg was rich and yummy. With the exception of the feeling robbed on the $1.50 seaweed, it was good value for good comfort food. No fine dinning here.

Ramen!J's Yuzu Shio, with extra bean sprouts

I was very full, but when you mentioned there is a menchies! next door, I gladly made room for froyo.

froyoJ's - with mochi, strawberry boba, coconut, mini dark choc chips,
a marachino cherry, and pistachio froyo

I agree the make your own size and pick your topping is pretty awesome. I always want a little (or a lot), but never whatever predetermined size they offered.  I have to confess I did not like the strawberry boba you got. It reminded me of cough syrup.

After ramen and froyo, we managed a game of Settlers of Catan. I was totally blocked in with no chance in the world of winning.

UntitledN won

Thank you for going to Kukai with us. I like ramen, a lot. Let me know when you are ready to go again, I want to eat through the menu, especially takoyaki.

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A break from cooking

Hi J -

I am sure you know what I like to eat, when celebrating an occasion, seeking comfort, or would eat all the time (consequences, what consequences) - crispy fried food. And, of course, my go-to -- Chinese food.

I traded cooking effort for hours of screen time to find a new-to-us restaurant. We agree on Spicy Talk. What an odd name for a Szeschuan restaurant. Also, turns out G had hand shaved noodle chow mein take out from them. I will ask G to pick up take out from them in the future, and probably not just chow mein.

mosaicb6fe65a8a592261d65c9b6680d16ee59b352604aclockwise, starting at the top left:
"chicken nuggets", ma po tofu, Szeschuan fish, hot and sour soup
not pictured were salt and pepper shrimp, a beef fish, and eggroll

I was guilty of ordering too much food.  Plus, I am almost certain it is against some ancient code of conduct if I do not order variety of meats - fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, then soup and an appetizer. The guideline I usually follow is # of dishes = # of people, add soup, add appetizer... I was very hungry when we arrived and failed to exercise any self control.

Overall, the food was tasty  - good spicy level, salty (meant to eat with lots of rice), and greasy (just a little too much, but not too terrible for occasional indulgence). So sad they did not have mustard for N for the eggrolls. I think he may boycott them for that reason.

After dinner, we went to your place to unwind, play games, and eat Jeni's ice cream!

We started with Nuclear War (BGG link), the game that goes with Weapon of Mass Destruction,which we tried over a year ago.

Untitledsetting up my moves

Untitledwith deterrent 

Funny that when I search online for game rules, I got a FEMA document on page one of the result.

Nuclear War is a fast game, once someone gets bored with propaganda and starts the war. The game feels like a twisted dark humor, art making a statement on real life. The title and premise, like Pandemic, fills me with promises, but leaves me wanting more. It has potential, but I think game play / mechanic may be too straightforward, winning seems to be mostly luck of card draw, with a little bluff.

What do you think?

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