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Sweet little things …

Hi J -

Happy Flurries Monday. Over the weekend ... I conducted a couple of sweet experiments. One is from this canelés recipe you shared.


Remember how I went on and on when you and I stopped at Honore Artisan Bakery during a trip to the Nordic Heritage Museum. How I tried to make them, how I used to walk to the Essential Bakery and get them (too often!). Sorry! I apologize for being so obsessive about them.


I did a bit more research, looked at different recipes, and read through entire thread on eG.  I made two batches this weekend. The first one was buttered, chilled, butter, chilled and then dusted with sugar. That's the one you had. This second batch was buttered, chilled, buttered, chilled and the crust is less 'char'. G liked them. He had a taste of mine and wanted another one. He described them as "marshmallow". He is funny. If this obsession continues, I may have to ... ahem... get these cute molds.

The other sweet experiment is Meyer Lemon Bars using a Martha Stewart Lime Squares recipe.


The Meyer Lemon made a sweet and softer lemon bar than regular lemons. I am not quite sure how I feel about them. The pistachio crust was tasty though. Happy Monday. Here is to a few days of 'rest' from experimentation.

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Little cakes

Chocolate + cream cheese + little portion = Chocolate cream cheese cupcakes


I had 8oz of cream cheese in the fridge that has been crying out (leftover from the eggnog cheesecakes from Christmas). I needed to use them. So I found Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake recipe at epicurious. How prefect.

I added orange zest and a little juice to the cream cheese mixture. They overflowed like mad. Whoops. Should have grabbed the other muffing pan. Too lazy.